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About us

Richard and Tom have been teaching together for more than ten years.

Tom Watson

Tom has also completed the College of Elemental Chi Kung four-year Teacher Training course.  He previously studied Qigong and T'ai Chi with Simon Robins in Brighton and is a level 2 student with Oleg Tcherne of INBI.  Tom's main interests are in Daoist Alchemy, particularly the system of Ba Gua, and he enjoys exploring the playful animal Qigong forms.  Tom is a qualified acupuncturist, having graduated from ICOM, and has an interest in teaching the emotional causes of illness.

Richard Thomas

Richard is qualified as a Qigong teacher through the College of Elemental Chi Kung and has also completed the 'Advanced' and 'Refinement' aspects of their four-year course. He is a level 2 student with Oleg Tcherne's INBI and is registered as a teacher of Yang-style Taijiquan with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  Richard has a keen interest in Daoist philosophy and the Yijing (or I Ching).  He is a qualified shiatsu practitioner.

What is Zhun?

Zhun is the third gua (hexagram) of the Yijing (I Ching), “Book of Change”.  The Yijing is probably the world’s oldest book and is both a divination text and a work of philosophical wisdom.  Its origins lie with the early shaman kings of ancient China.  In essence, it consists of sixty-four gua (hexagams).  In the received order Zhun follows “Qian” and “Kun”, which are related to the powers of Heaven and Earth respectively.  After the powers of Heaven and Earth interact Zhun is the first movement of life, and inevitably this new life faces difficulties.  The ancient character depicts a sprout breaking up through the surface of the ground.  Zhun describes the beginning of all new ventures, the first shoots, and it emphasises the importance of taking those first steps and connecting with those who can assist us and those who are of like mind.